We make your ideas come true.

We can build any project that you imagine thanks to our knowledge in advanced and disruptive technologies, ranging from mobile devices to infrastructure and User Experience. We are always at the bleeding edge in technology and we bring to you novel solutions, adapted to your project and needs.

Visualize and make the most of your data


Whether it’s applications for mobiles, tablets, web, or workstations, our technological stack allows us to develop software for all at once.


We help companies take the technological leap into digitization and data analytics, and create new businesses based on advanced technologies such as AI.


Companies evolve, and so should the software they operate with. We create solutions designed to grow and evolve constantly without issues.


Multiplatform APP’s

From mobile devices and tablets to web, desktop, and SmartTV, we bring your projects to life and significantly reduce development costs for multiple platforms. We provide a consistent user experience on any device, thanks to our expertise and advanced technology in both web and mobile.

*All images belong to projects developed at WonderBits.


Business Software

Digitize your processes for faster growth and cost savings. We assist you in the analysis and control of metrics, business flow management, and data visualization from any device. Our custom Business Intelligence dashboards and business analytics charts make it easy to access all your company’s data.


Scalable software

Ensuring the growth and stability of the software that powers your company is crucial. We use the most advanced software design standards such as DDD, IoC, Docker, staging, and microservices to ensure stability and growth. We understand that your processes, customers, and data are valuable assets, and we are prepared to help them grow solidly.

Some of our clients:


At WonderBits, we have been recognized for our research trajectory and continuous commitment to R&D. We seek innovation and quality in our projects, along with a commitment to sustainable development and the economic revitalization of the sector.

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