Your ally in digital transformation, data management, and process optimization.

Our Services

We offer customized consulting services in strategies and implementation of transformation projects and digital solutions. We rely on analytics powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer you innovative solutions adapted to your needs.

Digitalization, automation, integration

We cover the process of extracting information from generated data, digitizing processes, and interconnecting them with multiple options ranging from APIs, streams, ETLs, and RPAs, to automation with ML and AI.

Analytics and intelligence

de Negocio con IA y diversas fuentes: ERP, IoT, Big Data.

Analysis, design, and prototyping

of UX/UI for cross-platform software and custom applications.

Data acquisition and Data Warehouses

to have reliable data and be able to act quickly.

Why is business digitalization so important?

More and more organizations are recognizing the importance of automation for the modernization of their processes, where the collection, structuring, and analysis of their data are essential to accelerate their workflows, understand their customers, improve their products, and increase profitability. However, the lack of a digital strategy, outdated technological platforms, and fear of change still prevent companies from taking advantage of their data potential. WonderBits helps you extract value from your data to make better decisions, increase your profits, and optimize the traceability and quality of your business processes.

Some of our clients:


At WonderBits, we have been recognized for our track record in research and continuous commitment to R&D. We seek innovation and quality in our projects and a commitment to sustainable development and economic revitalization of the sector.

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