Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We automate processes through Artificial Intelligence to optimize the operation of businesses and maximize benefits. These processes include classification, defect detection, monitoring, scoring, analysis, and optimization, among others.

AI & ML to boost your business

Computer vision

AI brings an unparalleled accuracy to Computer Vision and near-human classification and recognition capabilities for objects, defects and text.

Analytics and optimization

Harnessing company’s related data is vital to maximize profits. With Machine Learning we identify improvements, provisions and optimize times and resources.

Predictive maintenance

Knowing when and what to maintain in order not to stop the productive workflow accounts for huge savings, as much in Industry 4.0 as in automated facilities inspection.


Digital Expert

Automated Intelligent Assessment Control (machine learning algorithms) for predictive maintenance, providing an instant analytical review of repair costs, generating modification proposals, and executing decisions

One standout example in our track record is the Intelligent Assessor, which, through the use of Machine Learning, autonomously assesses repairs. This approach not only leads to cost reduction in repairs but also provides greater control and significant savings by automating the management of a growing daily volume of repairs for clients like Allianz.



hourly assessments


duration of stay


approval rate in less than 1 hour


reduction in costs for professionals


Computer Vision & IA

Thanks to the combination of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, unprecedented automation is achieved in classification, Quality Control, and identification, reaching levels of accuracy and speed never seen before.


Identifying and categorizing various elements and objects, as well as assessing their condition.

Quality Assurance

Detectar imperfecciones, defectos y activar alertas o iniciar medidas para garantizar la calidad.


Identificar textos, códigos, productos, objetos y situaciones. Facilitamos la automatización de estos procesos mediante software personalizado y hardware local o edge computing.


Optimization with Machine Learning

We create models to optimize workflows, assessments, segment data, identify correlations, predict failures, and deploy them in systems that report daily results, identify issues, and alert to anomalous situations.


Predictive Maintenance

Accurately identifying when and what to repair, avoiding interruptions in the production flow, represents significant savings, whether in the context of Industry 4.0 or Automated Inspection of facilities.

Some of our clients:

Why is business digitization so important?

More and more companies recognize the importance of automation for the modernization of their processes, where the collection, structuring, and analysis of their data are essential to accelerate workflows, understand their customers, improve their products, and increase profitability. However, the lack of a digital strategy, outdated technological platforms, and fear of change still prevent companies from leveraging their data potential. WonderBits helps you extract value from your data to make better decisions, increase profits, and optimize the traceability and quality of your business processes.


At WonderBits, we have been recognized for our track record in research and our continuous commitment to R&D. We seek innovation and quality in our projects, along with a commitment to sustainable development and economic revitalization of the sector.

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