Data Visualization & Analytics

We help you make data-driven decisions through intelligent visualization and an optimal user experience. We create visual tools that make it easy to understand relevant data for your company, its evolution, and the areas where action is needed.

Visualize and make the most of your data.

Intuitive dashboards

Intelligent visualization enhances data understanding and effective decision-making in today’s dynamic business landscape. Take your company to the next level by turning complex data into tangible opportunities.


Optimizing data utilization automatically and discovering hidden relationships is feasible thanks to integration with Machine Learning.


Recognizing indicators enables the optimization of processes, costs, and consequently, benefits. We collaborate with you to improve the internal operational efficiency of your company.


Business Intelligence & dashboards

Data visualization facilitates a deeper understanding through representation in visual tools and intuitive dashboards. We develop solutions that allow quick and easy identification of relevant information, seamlessly integrating with the company’s workflow and accessible from any device




Analitycs of KPIs & Machine Learning

The integration of mathematical analysis and Machine Learning facilitates the identification of relationships, opening up new opportunities for action. The segmentation and automated identification of data, such as user profiles, production events, or market indicators, elevate the analysis to a higher level, enabling the prediction of opportunities and needs.


Data-driven optimization

The constant optimization of processes is essential for companies to maintain their competitiveness. Beyond simple data and process visualization, it is crucial to intervene at key points. Our service provides support for the proactive optimization of your company’s processes, implementing improvements through advanced technologies and automation processes.

Some of our clients:

Why is business digitization so important?

More and more companies recognize the importance of automation for the modernization of their processes, where the collection, structuring, and analysis of their data are essential to accelerate their workflows, understand their customers, improve their products, and increase profitability. However, the lack of a digital strategy, outdated technological platforms, and fear of change still prevent companies from taking advantage of their data potential. WonderBits helps you extract value from your data to make better decisions, increase your profits, and optimize the traceability and quality of your business processes.


At WonderBits, we have been recognized for our research trajectory and continuous commitment to R&D. We seek innovation and quality in our projects, along with a commitment to sustainable development and the economic revitalization of the sector.

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