Infographics and Data Design

Infographics is a technique used to produce images on the computer in order to present information quickly and clearly. It is frequently applied to graphic design and is an attractive, fast and easy way to show data that could otherwise be complex and tedious.

The graphics can be shown instantaneously, even if they are animated we can appreciate the evolution of different data. It is a good method in assuring the concepts being portrayed will be remembered by the audience.

A good infographic design must be simple, no matter how complex the data it aims to reflect. It must be adapted to the information it presents through graphics, icons, tables, maps, diagrams and so on.

It must also be creative and provide memorable solutions and details. Infographics, including both graphic design and illustration are well partnered.

Infographics improve communication with clients, broadens the audience and increases web traffic. Visual posts have 94% more visits than those containing solely text. They make websites more attractive and extend the time in which someone remains on the website. The inclusion of visuals, videos and texts in a website suppose a 100% increase in responses from the user and a faster processing time than text alone.