Illustration has been linked to advertising ever since it was first introduced, it is not a new association however has recently become a trend, resulting in the new found popularity for illustrators and their illustrations. Consumers are more receptive than ever to creative illustrations as well as commercial. They enjoy recognising famous illustrators in certain fields as well as discovering new ones.

A good work of an illustrator can be key for a brand, it can transmit a message clearer than the media as well as becoming the focal point for the brand and create a mass phenomenon. Since the beginning of advertising, illustration has a higher value through the way it conveys concepts and the efficiency of how it is remembered by the public.

Illustration advertising offers many opportunities which are broadened when the style is well chosen and complies with the demands to match those of the target market.

Additionally, similarly to animation, it currently adapts to almost any budget modulating its quantity, from details for its use in packaging, through lettering, flat illustration, vector illustration, infographics, illustration, for magazines, merchandising to wall art.