smartify the supply chain

Smartify is an ambitious platform that was developed with the aim of connecting all of the different agents of which constitute various elements within the industrial market.

It allows for the easy management of both raw materials in their initial phases as well as finished products.

Thanks to this app, companies have complete control regarding the integration and association between all parties participating in the supply chain.

Thus, evolving into an open social network that rewards the most valued by giving them greater visibility.

This project has been developed by applying cutting-edge technologies in Javascript and Java programming, such as Node.js, AngularJS or ElasticSearch.

It has also been integrated into mobile platforms through responsive design and PhoneGap.

The platform has been designed from scratch using clean patterns based on Google Design Material.


News and pending tasks are adapted to be easily viewed on mobile phone screens.

In a single glance, we are able to see the compact content which was initially only intended for a larger screen.

This allows for the viewer to easily see the information displayed, including communications, auctions, and RFQs.