Selfie2Chat is an instant chat mobile application that operates with facial recognition. The objective of the app is so that young people, the target audience, can meet other users.

The selfies taken in the app also allow the user to share their location, if they wish, with the ability to get to know and be aware of other users who are nearby as well as sharing possible events that they attend.

The objective of the app is to accomplish all of these functions in an anonymous and secure means.

Primarily an Android app. The instant chat service was developed based on the standard XMPP, a server of Node.js and adapted XMPP service for Android. It’s design is fun and vibrant yet neutral to avoid possible accusations of it being sexist or discriminatory.

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Concepts were merged in order to get the ideal branding image. Both a camera and a heart were used with the web around them as the connecting platform.

The logo was designed in a flat, vectorial manner as an iconic style was sought for the image.