Españolé is a web application to help with the management and handling of reservations for Spanish courses for foreigners.

The goal of this app is to create an attractive and dynamic website, yet incorporate intuitive, guided steps where the user can both view and book courses, activities and accommodation, as well as other services offered by the school in only a few minutes.

In order for the user to always know what the page is showing, the forms and all other information pages are displayed horizontally. This permits the user to remain on the same screen throughout the purchase process and to know exactly which stage they are at.

The shopping basket opens on the same screen and allows for a clear and easy purchase for the user.

It is developed in Angular 2 and Node.js 8 with TypeScript to enhance operational flexibility in the shopping basket and allow for easy additions and combinations of courses and accomodation. This will help to keep performance requirements to a minimum and the adaptability of all kinds of mobile devices to the maximum. It is integrated with Stripe as a trusted payment operator.

Incorporating a custom design and adapting the conventional image of Españolé International House Valencia.

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