Cómovamicoche is a mobile application developed specifically for iOS and Android. It was created to establish links between clients and their insurance companies whom will in turn connect them with a car repair garage. These networks in turn create links with insurance companies.

Cómovamicoche allows users to know and keep updated with the condition of their vehicle in the garage and readily complete the necessary paperwork for the incident with their insurance company from the application itself.

The app allows for direct communication thanks to the incorporated instant chat service which allows the client and insurance company to connect with the appropriate car garage with ease.

Additionally, the app allows for the easy exchange of documents and provides updated information on the repair status. The user interface displays animations and infographics demonstrating the different stages of repair and information about the vehicle and the garage and their promotions.

It also incorporates a customer satisfaction survey which can be viewed and submitted allowing for feedback to all parties.

This application was developed universally, ranging from corporate design to user interface. An infographic animation video was also created in order to publicise the application.

It was originally designed for iOS and Android with the addition of a .NET web based platform and frontend to browse in AngularJs.

Instant chat services via XMPP are implemented from functions in Node.js and linked to the three client platforms: Android, iOS and Web.

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