Web design
We create intuitive webs for the user and optimized to highlight on search engines.
Web Applications
Fast, handy and focused on usability applications, designed to stand out and being competitive.
On-line Shops
Ordering and direct communication with your clients. Specific based solutions or open standards like Prestashop.
Graphic design
We create all the image that represents your company. Naming, logotypes, re-design of logotypes and adaptations to different formats be it virtual or merchandising.
Illustration and animation
Illustrations for advertisements, infography for your enterprise and any customized project you can dare to ask us.
Mock up a catalog, design brochures or tryptics, posters and other graphic solutions for your project.
Product’s photographic sessions and photographic editing.
Mobile applications
Web/Mobile integration
With Responsive Design, website are at last intuitive and easy to use when accessed from mobile or tablet.
Mobile applications
iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone applications, taking advantage of new technologies. We also help in promoting your idea in order for it to become on the bleeding edge.
Improve user experience (UX)
A differentiating factor between similar properties' products is a friendly and intuitive user experience. We analyse and redesign your product to improve access and boost it's using attractiveness.
We are Drupal, Ruby on Rails, .NET and Symfony experts, among other technologies, and we can assess you, develop and manage all applications and portals that you need made with this well known and successful platforms.
Our wide experience with deployments and information infrastructure scaling, operative systems, database management systems and networking, allow us to offer proffesional hardware and software solutions, whether with phisical enviroments or virtual in the cloud.
As analysts, we also find the way to rise to the next step in performance when your product or corporate application starts to meet more success than it's able to serve. From analysing bottlenecks that are retaining your application to changes in hardware or software configuration to allow to serve to more clients at once.